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Yolonda brings a wealth of experience, wisdom, knowledge, grounded being, balanced energy and magnetism to one-on-one, small group and large group exchanges.

Here's what past attendees to one of her Intimate Circle Chats have said:

"She guides you on your own personal journey to grounding and understanding through knowledge, experience and positive affirmations. Yolonda's beautiful personality coupled with her intense yearning to bring forth the power that we already have inside makes this circle chat a necessity."

"Yolonda is very approachable and open. I like how she can and will meet people where they are and hold space for them. I like that the gathering had structure and at the same time had a gentle flow to it as well."

"Yolonda [has a] very welcoming style that invites and inspires without feeling forced or insincere."

"Yolonda is a genuinely loving person who was willing to open her home and give her time to teach us about finding and holding on to ourselves. She gave us various tools to use to be grounded and strategies for self-care. She opened a safe space for us to share and discuss and learn. It was beautiful."