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Yolonda brings a wealth of experience, wisdom, knowledge, grounded being, balanced energy and magnetism to one-on-one, small group and large group exchanges.

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“Yolonda has helped me to understand grounding. She showed me that no matter where are I am I can always tune into my home frequency to reset and refresh for more thoughtful decisions. …As a result of connecting with [her] I've noticed that my responses to my child have softened. I now understand that I can control how I choose to react and deal with certain situations and circumstances. …I feel more able to explore myself with guidance on levels I wouldn’t have otherwise.

One very powerful tool I was able to take from my time in the online course is changing my language to better express my feelings as well as [to] provide me space to understand the whys behind certain emotions. Learning about just how complex emotions are ha[s] helped me to simplify the way emotions arise in a much more effective and thoughtful way.

Yolonda offered her full support and wisdom with any of my concerns or questions. She provided a safe space where there was no judgment and space to explore our own thoughts as a group.” -M. Carter

“When I connected with Yolonda I was looking for emotional support—someone to understand, listen and be present with me.

Yolonda supported my journey by asking me good questions, guiding me to helpful resources, literally standing by my side through an especially challenging time, being there to offer wisdom and comfort, teaching me, listening to me and inviting me to complete practical and effective assignments independently.

[She] was there for me through two [especially] troubling times in my life. One in which I am still battling. I know she is willing to hold space for me when needed. She has been there for me in emergency situations when I needed someone right at that moment. She has provided me coaching, tools, reading material and different exercises to help me move through this [difficult] time.” -Q. Rush

“As a result of connecting with Yolonda for coaching/emotional support I've grown in levels of self-awareness, boundary-setting abilities, ability to center and ground myself, emotional self-regulation, making quality life choices, connecting with Spirit/Source/God/Creation/Infinite, harnessing the power the breath and practicing self-care.

Since working with/finding Yolonda, I have changed my life by becoming empowered, more clear and respecting myself.” -W. Lynch

“When I connected with Yolonda I was looking for someone open, intelligent, gifted intuitively and completely willing to be vulnerable with me. …I was looking for guidance and reassurance and found Yolonda to be all of these things . She was pivotal in turning my attention to key questions that I had not yet asked myself. Her questions inspired me to take the journey I was ready for. I am still journeying and it has been healing , challenging and necessary in moving me towards the woman I want to be.

One thing that is awesome about Yolonda (and rare in people in general), is that she is completely comfortable going to uncomfortable places with you. She is the most helpful person you can encounter when you are facing the crushing destabilizing forces that life has a way of throwing at you.” Cindy P.

“[Yolonda’s] posts are… amazing and inspiring. Following [her] helped to propel me further in my spiritual journey. The purpose on [her] life is evident.” -Jarron M.

“Yolonda is a wonderfully calming and nurturing person to reach out to. People going through hard times need [her]. [She] truly [is] like an angel on earth.” -Nancy B.

"She guides you on your own personal journey to grounding and understanding through knowledge, experience and positive affirmations. Yolonda's beautiful personality coupled with her intense yearning to bring forth the power that we already have inside makes this circle chat a necessity." -Participant, Intimate Circle Chat 2017

"Yolonda is very approachable and open. I like how she can and will meet people where they are and hold space for them. I like that the gathering had structure and at the same time had a gentle flow to it as well." -Participant, Intimate Circle Chat 2017

"Yolonda [has a] very welcoming style that invites and inspires without feeling forced or insincere." -Participant, Intimate Circle Chat 2017

"Yolonda is a genuinely loving person who was willing to open her home and give her time to teach us about finding and holding on to ourselves. She gave us various tools to use to be grounded and strategies for self-care. She opened a safe space for us to share and discuss and learn. It was beautiful." -Participant, Intimate Circle Chat 2017