New Moon Sisterhood Circle

for Tweens and Pre-Teens 


Reclaim Rites of Passage

Adolescent girls between the ages of 9 and 13 gather together with guardians they trust in an intimate, small group setting for puberty-oriented circle chats and whole-being wellness activities hosted and facilitated by educator and coach, Yolonda Coles Jones.

Empower your female-born adolescent(s) and support yourself as their trusted adult in the company of peers and a supremely capable guide with honest, grounded and open discussion around the female reproductive system, menstruation (or “moon cycling”), puberty, self-care, consent, sex-positivity and body-positivity. In a society where messaging around one of the most powerful components of our human experience all too often comes couched within misinformation, uneven emphasis, confusing taboos, politics, awkwardness and shame, we owe it to our daughters to find good quality tools and to protect opportunities for them to cultivate healthy perspectives from which to make informed choices about their own bodies and lives.

The New Moon Sisterhood Circle was created at the urging of Yolonda’s daughters, Shiloh and Samari. Having worked as a sex educator to middle and high schoolers prior to her own children's births and working currently as a personal empowerment coach and group facilitator, Yolonda’s own children praise her as being “open, supportive and really easy to talk to about anything.”

Attendees to meetings of The New Moon Sisterhood Circle for tweens and preteens can expect:

  • A safe, cozy and comfortable atmosphere

  • Willingness on part of the facilitator to make adjustments where possible and needful to support continued feelings of safety and comfort throughout the gathering.

  • A “new moon” gift (or two or three)

  • Peer support

  • Lessons in self-awareness and self-care

  • Orientation to feminine care and hygiene products/options

  • Exploration of the female reproductive system with the use of charts and models

  • Ongoing opportunities for gathering and Sisterhood building

  • Healthy snacks

  • Laughter

  • Perhaps some tears

  • Music and dancing

  • Fun!