The #iDriveMyLife Course


6 Weeks to greater self-awareness and personal empowerment

Note: This course section begins Wednesday, May 1, 2019 and meets twice a week thereafter for 6 weeks via live small group chat with Yolonda Coles Jones as coach.

Dear One, I’d love to have the opportunity to connect with you about learning to relate to yourself and to others in your life with more groundedness, clarity, power, love and presence. 

Does any of this sound like you?

-”I want to learn how to love and care for myself but I have no idea where to begin.”

-”I want to relate better to myself and others.”

-”I don’t know what I want!”

-”I want to feel more in control of my self.”

-”I don’t know what peace feels like but I’d like to know.”

-”I feel stuck, drained and overwhelmed.”

-”I have no idea how to ground or center myself. What is that even?

I can help you move yourself into a space of:

🌱 reduced overwhelm and frustration

🌱better understanding conscious boundary-setting

🌱acceptance and inner release (forgiveness)

🌱grounded listening and effective communicating

🌱active healing and increased inner balance

🌱confidently knowing and loving yourself well and more such abundance

Why am I the one you want to talk to? 

I have navigated myself (with 4 young children in tow) through several major surgeries, long recovery periods, sudden, severe and layered relational betrayals and profound losses.

I have transmuted intense and violent hate and resentment into love, empowerment and compassion. I do and teach this now as a practice.

I survived and thrived beyond homicidal and suicidal ideations and one near-suicide attempt. 

I have learned that there is the possibility of a flourishing and empowered life after breaks to the body, the mind, the heart, the spirit and a triply-confirmed Complex PTSD diagnosis to boot. 

I published, Life As We Design It, a book about conscious parenting/partnering in Feb 2018 that got nearly 300 downloads and rave reviews from all over the world in the first few days it was released. 

The road has been hard. And though I am yet journeying and certainly not perfect by any means, I have birthed myself again after being entirely broken open. 

It has been my honor and brought me transcendent joy to coach others in progressing in these exact same growth-oriented ways. 

It would be my honor to support you in doing the same. 

Are you ready to dig in to you?

Power and love,

Yolonda. x